I have failed at many things in life. This time, it would seem I have failed my Google interview. Or at the very least, failed to be accepted, since you can’t exactly fail an interview.

Failure doesn’t get easier. Honestly, the more you fail, the more you might truly doubt yourself. After having dusted off the emotional pain from my rejection, and getting some feedback on my performance, I gave myself a few days to refresh my mind.

I’m picking up where I stand today, as a candidate of the upcoming Quantic School of Business and Technology Class of September 2022, to keep on chasing my calling!

Here is my last portfolio project at the Flatiron School:

Github Repo: https://github.com/yurigurlie207/household-task-manager-react

Video Walkthrough: https://youtu.be/-u6XcYng9qM

A Wonky Interactive Javascript Page on a Rails API

A beginner’s project under a perfectionist’s mindset can be very frustrating. Out of all my projects so far, this one has been the most frustrating because there are so many more details, and more open ends.

First there is the very…

There were a few things for me to consider here as I write this post.

Truth #1: It feels risky exposing the hiccups that come with juggling a mom’s work with…a mom’s job (or in this case, online class).

Truth #2: I think it’s important to normalize the organic flow…

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, as life gets infinitely more segmented these days. Where do I direct my attention? Ah yes, my second Flatiron project for which its learning has been stewing in my brain for quite some time, along with thoughts of house chores, keeping a plump little…

All information for this project came from What to Expect

For this project, I focused on the information available on the week-by-week section.

I used this video to help me get started with the IDE setup: CLI Project In-Browser IDE Setup

I also followed the general structure from this gem…

I am so thankful that the blogging requirement by the Flatiron School has really helped me discover writing again. This recurrent activity that I’ve introduced to my life has really helped me integrate parts of myself, realign with my interests, and discover new and intriguing ideas.

I hosted my original…

Adrienne Yao


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